The Complete Trilogy is Available Now

TACTICAL RESPONSE is done and available. And so, completes the TOO FAR trilogy.

All three books are out and available at all major ebook retailer.

A case so big, so deadly, it’ll take two hard-hitting investigative teams to crack it.

Bail jumper Jesus Vargas thought he could flee Columbus, Ohio and no one would come after him. He was wrong.

The Fleetwood Syndicate thought they could eliminate their problems by an overwhelming show of force. They were wrong.

In Tactical Response, the explosive conclusion to the TOO FAR Trilogy, Grace deHaviland arrives in New York, with a chip on her shoulder and an ax to grind. Nick Lafferty has agreed to lend her a hand, but with the lives of the people he cares most about on the line, if Grace thinks she can run the show without interference, she’s got another thing coming.

Luckily, the bad guys have pissed the two of them off far worse than they annoy each other. They may be a distrusting, dysfunctional team, but they’re more than a match for Jesus Vargas and the Fleetwood Syndicate. Or are they?

Find out in this action-packed conclusion to the TOO FAR Trilogy. The next great thriller in the award winning Grace deHaviland Bounty hunter series. And don’t forget to pick up Book 1 & Book 2 ENGAGEMENT and FIRING POSITION



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