Frank Flynn & Christine Levy

RE-HOMED – A Flynn & Levy Murder Mystery NovellaRE-HOMED COVER

David DeLee

April – 2015

NYPD homicide detective Frank Flynn & IA detective Christine Levy, a two person task force of Homicide and Internal Affairs cops in the city that never sleeps.

Concerned by a parent’s behavior toward his adopted daughter, recently demoted NYPD Detective Christine Levy uncovers a murder that leads to the disappearance of a teenage girl and a manhunt for her physically abusive father.

Once again teamed with homicide detective Frank Flynn, their investigation leads the detectives into the dark and reckless world of re-homing; a shadowy but legal practice where children are simply given away with the stroke of a pen.


COP SHOT – A Flynn & Levy Murder Mystery COP SHOT - e-book Cover.finalpagesNovella

David DeLee

April 2013

On a cold, rainy, March night, NYPD homicide detective Frank Flynn catches the worst case there is: A cop shot under the Brooklyn Bridge. Forced to team-up with an Internal Affairs investigator, the two detectives must work together to sort through a plethora of suspects, all of whom have reasons for wanting the dirty cop dead, to determine who shot the cop–and why–while harboring secrets of their own.