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Alone on the Atlantic Ocean, three days out from Boston Harbor and the coastline of America, the MV CALEB may be bringing a very dangerous cargo to the United States. Brice Bannon, along with his friends Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana and Skyjack McMurphy, must confirm the existence of the threat and then neutralize it by any means necessary.

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In 1845 New York City, a dead woman’s body is discovered in the waters of the East River. Sgt. Daniel Kilmurray’s investigation takes him from the briny piers of the lower East Side to the spectacular opulence of the Park Hotel, from seedy tenement basement bars to unsavory boarding houses where the most despicable of crimes are committed, during a time when modern policing is in its infancy.


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Why? What are they up to? What does the eighteenth century pirate John Quelch and an old wives’ tales of lost treasure have to do with it? And why would anyone want to kill them over it?

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Policing for Profit facebook size adA Dead Cop: Murder or Suicide

NYPD Homicide Detective Frank Flynn once again teamed with former Internal Affairs Detective Christine Levy catches the call all homicide detectives hate most—a cop’s been killed.

Gunned down in a dark side street in the lower East side of Manhattan, in the middle of the night, Officer Paul Kackowski bleeds out painfully and alone. Did a couple of young black men kill a hero cop or could something more sinister be at play?

As Flynn and Levy dig deeper, the investigation strains their partnership and puts them in the cross hairs of some very dangerous people. All while a racially-charged city holds its breath—and waits.

The explosive new story from crime writer David DeLee author of the Grace deHaviland and Nick Lafferty series.


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My publishing company just posted this on their website. It is the cover they’ve created for my next project. It is a Flynn & Levy novella called POLICING FOR PROFIT. POLICING FOR PROFIT COVER

From the www.darkroadpub.com website — “POLICING FOR PROFIT is the third novella in David’s Frank Flynn & Christine Levy series of NYPD police procedurals.

When we know more about what it’s about, we’ll be sure to share that information too (David’s being unusually closed lipped about it). Until then, please enjoy this sneak peek of the cover and be sure to go and check out the first two novellas in the series–COP SHOT and RE-HOMED.”

I guess I better get on the stick and get the darn thing finished.

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Web banner Fatasl Destiny December sale 2015

For bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, the job seemed simple. Track down Barry Keegan, a white collar defendant in a corporate embezzlement scandal who’d jumped bail.A bean counter. How hard could that be?

But the case turns deadly when Keegan’s co-defendant ends up murdered, and Grace’s best friend, sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen, is nearly killed.

Drawn into a web of deception involving stolen mob money, old scores, and ruthless hit men, Grace must track down the elusive Keegan–a man who is more dangerous than anyone could have guessed–while she tries to protect his wife and son from a past they thought long dead and buried.

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